Sunday, February 6, 2011

TiRED! tIREd! but enjoyable!

yesterday, the reunion of the setali's boys held at gambang waterpark... it was so happening and enjoy, when a most of the gang come up to this party bogel.. admin kuku besi, din who organize this event was enjoy himself when this thing happen... its quite long time not see our frenz,... fifi, zul, din, amjad, jani, dzul, iman, jang and his friend comes,and yes mirul and her gf, yana! even there are few mate didnt attend.. it is a positive beginning for upcoming event, which rumors-ly will be held at tioman island [=)].. best2... thanks for all who make this event successful at the first place.. it was an enjoyment moment 2 hang up with old buddies!!! 

the setali's boy!

Friday, February 4, 2011

KeBodoHan MeLAndA!!!

pagi2 ni leh plak aku jd beku nk edit blog... haiya... tpon mmber aku die ckp ko nk edit cam friendster or myspace 2 la, kt html 2... aduyai. since da x men mende alah 2, dah x reti nak edit2 da html ni. pkai fesbuk mane ader edit2 nie kan... kene beli blog for dummies cm nie... hadui nasib2...

kasi aku buku ni free bleh? haha!! =.=!

i come from the dead

well this is my first time im blogging... nothing much about me...
im not good at writing, thats y i called it deaf words... haha
its really hard 2 deliver what come through my mind via mouth than writing
im comfortable with saying rather than writing... but in this case, i make an exception
this is just pre-elementary introduction about this blog. this blog will contain certain ideas and issue that i will raise up, most of it about student and politics, justice and fairness in malaysia! hope to see more from u guys, a well good respond might help me to spread the words...